Cut With The Kitchen Knife

Beginning in 2009 Andreis has been creating large-scale photomontage with collage constructed of found and original imagery assembled into symmetrical forms on paper.

The term photomontage was coined by the Berlin Dadaists in the early 1920's and translates as a piecing together or collage of photographic and typographic sources. 

The collaged photomontages created by Andreis Costa have several levels of perception. The first is observed from afar as symmetrical shapes inspired by Rorschach Ink Blot Tests and are perceived differently by each viewer. These perceptions are dictated by the viewer's Psyche and differ depending on psychological interpretations. 

The next level is observed as the viewer approaches the work and examines the abstract form which is created by hundreds and sometimes thousands of individual images. The images within each collage are a collection of found images from magazines, film stills, scanned objects, and original photography.

As these collections amass the images are curated or organized to reveal the artist's reflections and observations. These observations range from current political climates, violence, war, love, lust, ideas of gender roles, and sex as portrayed by film and the media as a caricature of the modern condition interpreted by the artist. 

The third is understanding the construction of each photomontage. These large scale mixed media collages are manipulated digitally. Then the individual images are recreated as a combination of Xerox, lithographs, and c-prints.

Through a meticulous process, the images are then cut out by hand and attached to paper to create the final collage.

BOA Gallery 356 N Bedford Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, USA

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