"temperature/ artists from the flat file
curated by Andreis Costa

exhibition: March 18th - April 16th, 2005.
Opening Reception: March 18th, 2005, from 2- 4pm

"Temperature" will focus on the measure of heat within contemporary art.

Hot and cold, energy and pace as shown through multiple mediums and artistic disciplines. "Temperature/artists from the flat file" is a group show intended to extend and develop the:artist: network's flat-file and online digital archive.

The exhibition works in symbiosis with the digital archive, each complimenting the other.
March 2004 saw the inauguration of the project at the:artist: network with "mace2 / artists from the flat file" and consisted of 50 artist portfolios from the flat file and digital archives. the:artist: network keeps flat files on site which houses work for future exhibits, curators, and collectors. The Curatorial Pool is a catalog of flat files, online digital images, slides, film, and video documenting the work of established and emerging artists and will function as an open platform for exposing both for future shows and collections.
Andreis Costa, of the multi-media collective DeadKidz, has been a conceptual artist and painter living and working in New York City for the past 8 years. His work has appeared in several solo and group exhibitions as well as art publications on-line and otherwise. www.deadkidz.com

Judy Aiello, Remy Amezcua, Surface 2 Air, Joshua Blank, Rich Browd, John Briener, Jesse Moss Coane, Alexander Echo, Cara Earl, Neck Face, Michael Farmer, Gary Fogelson, Daniel Goettin, Tamara Gonzalez, Anthony Haden Guest, Matt Hollister, The Holster, Jordan Klienman, Seong Kwon, Oliver Lang, Peter Lew, Alfredo Martinez, Cyril Mazard, Kiji Mcaferty, Brodie Neill, Sonner On, Daniel Robbiani, Patrick Rocha, Ben Ruhe, Koji Shimizu, Alexandra Signer, Ro Star, Denise, Silver Warner, Aliona Yurtsevich, Luke Barber-Smith, Denise Despirito, Minka Marcom-Rehwald, Nemo Labrizzi, David Sherry, David Sena, and Zabaleta.