Andreis Mikael Costa

Andreis Mikael Costa was a New York Artist and Curator based in Venice, California.

Andreis Costa worked in a multitude of artistic disciplines painting and collage to music and design.
Andreis worked for Universal Pictures, Cashmere Agency, and many others.

Andreis took his fine art background and combined it with commercial design sensibilities as seen in print processes and out-put.

His latest work consisted of large-scale collages composed of found photos and selections from commercial print and posters. Initially, the work was created and managed digital-only then to be printed and reworked by the artist in the studio.

Subject matter often addresses ideas of gender, sexuality, and violence. The work is designed to play off of the symmetry found in Rorschach inkblots.

This interpretive element introduces the viewer’s interpretation as an integral facet of each work even when the images used within the collage are direct and succinct.
Download Look Book Here.


Parsons School of Art and Design, 1998
Bard College, 1999-2003 BFA

Recent Exhibitions

New Work, Fischer Center for the Arts Annandale, NY

POP, Fischer Center for the Arts Annandale, NY

Like Dust, Fischer Center for the Arts Annandale, NY

The Big Show Curated by Andreis Costa and Elizabeth Murray, UBS Red Hook, NY

For Sale, Fischer Center for the Arts Annandale, NY
Antique New Wave, UBS Red Hook, NY
*Reviewed by The Chronogram

Franklin Peppermint Gallery 2004 Show, Franklin Peppermint Gallery NY, NY
Grand Champions Forever, Office Opps Brooklyn, NY

Temperature, Curated by Andreis Costa, NY, NY
Be Nice Curated by Andreis Costa, Orchard Gallery NY, NY
Return of the Ibex Curated by Andreis Costa, Le Castlevania Brooklyn, NY

Crime, the:artist: network NY, NY
Be Nice presents Andreis Costa and Daniel Miller, Orchard Gallery NY, NY
Allegory of the Cave Curated by Andreis Costa and John Breiner, the:artist: network NY, NY
Art Auction, the:artist: network NY, NY
Arsenal for Democracy Curated by Andreis Costa, The Canal Chapter NY, NY
* Reviewed by Mass Appeal

In Hoc Signo Vinces Curated by Andreis Costa, White Box NY, NY
*Reviewed by Art News
Long Drive South, Volitant Gallery Austin, Texas
*Reviewed by Austin Chronicle, and Cantanker Magazine

The Night Time is the Right Time Curated by Andreis Costa, Luke Barber-Smith and Patrick Rocha Invisible Gallery NY, NY

American Concentration Camp Curated by Andreis Costa, Proposition NY, NY
*Reviewed by Holland Cotter, New York Times


NYCUG Presents Heather Boose-Weise Curated by Andreis Costa, Art Bar NY, NY
Tears for Narcissus Curated by Andreis Costa, Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts NY, NY
Hooray Curated by Andreis Costa, Proposition NY, NY
Made from Love, Bronx Museum of Art NY, NY

Z-Print, Yes! Gallery Brooklyn, NY
Plenty of Room on the Couch. Curated by Jesse Lee Denning, Eastern District Brooklyn, NY
Grand Champions Forever, Never Say Die. Curated by John Breiner, Factory Fresh Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Quantum Spectrum, Curated by John Breiner, MCLA, North Adams, Massachusetts

Featured Artist, Input Catalogue, Curated by Renée Vara, New York, NY
Upcoming Exhibition, Back Door Gallery, Los Angeles, California

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