Bars And Hooks


"This is just so fucked. I never imagined being here, now, writing this. One of my oldest friends, one of my best friends, one of the most creative, passionate, engaging and enigmatic people I’ve ever met is gone. The first cat I did graf with, the first cat I spit freestyles with…

New York City legend Andreis Costa aka YME aka GuessWho? died Sunday, July 31, 2016 – the day before my 35th birthday. The New York and Hip Hop cultures lost a larger-than-life figure. And he had SO MUCH MORE to give. Anyone who ever met him knows I’m not exaggerating. And I am heartbroken.


I was supposed to promote the release of the Best of AWKWORD mixtape, which dropped on my birthday on Monday. I was supposed to promote the free bonus track – featuring Skyzoo and Rapper Big Pooh – that you get if you download the digi-tape for $5 on Bandcamp. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t Monday. I couldn’t Tuesday. I couldn’t get out of bed until today. And I’m still in shock and horror as I write this.



After crying, hard, for an hour, I called up our brother, Brian Halladay aka Whatzisface?, the third member of our trio The Free Agents and Andreis’s best friend, and I asked, what can I possibly do to help? He said, keep on living, share your music with the world like you’re supposed to like Dre would have wanted. And do everything you can to help his wife Michelle, his sister Ariann, and his mother Mona, who remain here on earth. To that end, I plead with you: please donate to the GoFundMe campaign to support Andreis’s family and honor the legacy of the one-of-a-kind NYC icon YME aka GuessWho?.

LEGENDS NEVER DIE! Evol Boys forever. #RIPYME."