American Concentration Camp

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The Proposition Gallery is pleased to present “American Concentration Camp” a series of recent works by New York-based artists Dash Snow, Ry Fyan, and Nico Dios curated by New York artist Andreis Costa.

Using hybridized drawing, painting, collage, and assemblage, the artists excavate and analyze societal remains from the past and present, both physical and metaphysical. Through this archaeology, the work challenges trends and theories of the media mainstream.

Dash Snow has been recognized for chronicling the downtown Manhattan scene with his romantic participation in visceral acts of a generation's lust movement similar to the beautiful scenes of depravity captured by Nan Goldin decades earlier. Now working beyond the confines of the Polaroid camera, Snow presents his audience with large-scale installations that include assemblages of found objects, urban detritus, and newspaper clippings alongside nostalgic pop-culture signifiers of past generations. Within these groupings, a lean of escapism exists. This is explored by the deification of the taboo and the more primal bohemian side of man.

The excruciatingly intricate panel works by Ry Fyan discuss a similar irony existing in this new generation of artists. Critical distance from the present stride towards technology and progress, the ascent to the future has many harking back to a familiar era where hand, craft, and the maker’s identity show through product labels and distortions in media.

Invented cityscapes scattered by seemingly discarded everyday products strewn throughout. With obsessive detail, Fyan paints fantasy landscapes using spray paint, enamel, and oil. The work is influenced by disaster both natural and man-made, the daily waste of a metropolis is buried within color fields and building structures rendered from preliminary drawings on layered transparency and collage.

The extremely technical works of Nico Dios draw inspiration from the artist’s spiritual practice. Self-acquired knowledge of abstract mathematics, the psychology of religion, magic, and mysticism of the Kabala; Dios’ minimalist works on paper reconnoiter these disparate fields.

With Pythagorean virtue, complex drawings manufactured by the hypnotic repetition of pressing keys on mathematical and glyph typewriters leaves the delicate paper embossed with a myriad of overlapping self-referential symmetrical diagrams in the pursuit of the reunification and exploration of digressions between the humanities.

Dash Snow born in 1981 in New York City has exhibited at Deitch Projects Art Basel Miami 2005, The Armory 2005, and the Whitney Biennial 2006. An upcoming solo exhibition with Rivington Arms Gallery is scheduled for September.

Ry Fyan now living and working in Brooklyn, New York has recently exhibited in Deste Foundation Athens Greece “Panic Room”, 2006 works from the Dakis Joannou Collection, Deitch Projects, New York as well as Art Basel Miami 2005.

Nico Dios born in 1981 in New York City has exhibited at Clayton Gallery and Outlaw Art Museum in 2003 and received recent acclaim from “Signs of the Real and Infinite”, 2005 with work by Tauba Auerbach at New Image Art, Los Angeles.

All three artists have worked in close collaboration for the past decade, each being instrumental in the development of the other art and lifestyle, as the self- imposed title, American Concentration Camp, implies.

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