Grand Champions Forever, Never Say Die

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Grand Champions Forever, Never Say Die
Curated by John Breiner

October 23 through November  7, 2009
Opening Reception Friday, October 23, 7 pm-10 pm
Factory Fresh 1053 Flushing Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11237

For Immediate Release

Factory Fresh is pleased to announce the opening of its October Group
Exhibition Grand Champions Forever, Never Say Die curated by John Breiner. This marks the third presentation of the ongoing Grand Champions curatorial project, having been envisioned and present in 2003 as Grand Champions Forever, then again in 2004 as Grand Champions Forever and Ever.

Initially, the concept of the exhibition was to create a platform for a group of emerging artists to exhibit work. The commonality among these artists was simply Breiner’s realization that many of his peers had developed concise and mature bodies of work withdraws to similar aesthetics. At this point, the work was connected through artistic discourse but needed a space to expand this conversation.

Having none, Breiner created an environment to display this fledgling ebullience thus fueling an already tenacious work ethic. The receptions for each Grand Champion show united the multidisciplinary work with music and celebration that embodied the lives of these young artists. Finally having a theatre the exhibition inherited the artist's fervor and became the medium in its own right.

Five years have passed and it is astonishing that all of the artists involved have received critical acclaim and have reached great levels of success. Whether through fine art, photography, design, or curation each of the original Grand Champions has developed into guiding lights and influential forces in their respective practice. It is with great pleasure and excitement that once again the Grand Champs have been reunited to celebrate tradition and the vibrant mélange of current work that has blossomed from this talented collection.


The Grand Champions are…

Maylis Atkins James Blagden John Breiner Rich Browd Andreis Costa Denise Despirto Brendan Donnelly J. Elias
Eric Elms Michael Farmer Gary Fogelson Sam Friedman Ellis Gallagher Matt Holister Psychotropic Horizons
Taras Hrabowsky 

Stephen Key Mr. Kiji Jordan Kleinman Cat Lauigan Sakura Maku Josh Matta Louie Guy Metzner Soner On Peter Paquin John Francis Peters Patrick Rocha Graham Shimberg Jessica Smith Joe Whiteley