Andreis Costa, a.k.a. Guesswho of No Question?

The Story

In a hotel room in Florida during the summer of 2008, we were given an exciting preview of a “Nintendo Mixtape” by burgeoning rap group, No Question?. As we listened, we felt like Mario must have felt during his first ingestion of a fire flower. In other words, we knew immediately that this was some good shiz.

Then, like so many promising music projects, it was shelved. Until now.

We recently ran into Andreis Costa, a.k.a. Guesswho of No Question?, and asked if we could give these gems to the world.

He agreed.

We hope you enjoy the music as much as we do.
The Mims Brothers (Jeremy, Daniel, & Matthew)
P.S. We claim no rights to this music. All intellectual property belongs to its respective owners.
No Question’s Double Dragon Music Video

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