Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles

This exhibition was presented in conjunction with the Gonzo Museum and curated by Daniel Joseph Watkins. A visual freak show of paranoid looking figures, painterly blood-splattered images, and dual-thumbed political fists with peyote flowers – “Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles” aimed to capture the Gonzo essence, displaying seminal works that defined the Gonzo aesthetic and became the symbols of an irreverent literary and journalistic style.

A philosophy that is more relevant now than ever – of shared information through lived experiences – has influenced everything from film, television, literature, and art. The exhibition featured the artistic facet of the Gonzo movement, in the art of Hunter S. Thompson, signed prints by Ralph Steadman, and vintage political posters by Thomas W. Benton, including special works by William S. Burroughs and Warren Zevon. Central to the exhibition was Hunter S. Thompson’s “Shotgun” art pieces, as well as the famed “Vintage Dr. Gonzo” and “Bats over Barstow” caricatures by Ralph Steadman, and the “Thompson for Sheriff” campaign posters by Thomas W. Benton. This was the first traveling exhibition of artworks from the Gonzo museum in Aspen, Colorado.

Andreis Costa and Simon Ore

Artwork by Patrick Rocha I hope you will be able to get it framed for the memorial. Im sorry that i can’t be there. I am also deeply sorry for your loss. Andreis was a good friend and visionary. I hope the drawing brings comfort to everyone...

November 6, 2017

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