If you knew Andreis, if you caught one of his tags around NYC or worked with him on a project in LA, if you saw him rapping in a hoodie at Elisabeth Irwin or watched him bang around campus at Bard, if you heard him make music, create, rhyme, design, tell a joke, laugh (and you knew when you heard him laugh; it could be heard several rooms over), you can attest: he can’t be summerized in a paragraph.Here are some collected words about our dear friend—please add your reminiscences below.

Artwork by Patrick Rocha I hope you will be able to get it framed for the memorial. Im sorry that i can’t be there. I am also deeply sorry for your loss. Andreis was a good friend and visionary. I hope the drawing brings comfort to everyone...

November 6, 2017

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Artwork by Patrick Rocha I hope you will be able to get it framed for the memorial. Im sorry that i can’t be there. I am also deeply sorry for your loss. Andreis was a good friend and visionary. I hope the drawing brings comfort to everyone..

1. The "Bars & Hooks" cover art by the late, great Andreis Costa aka YME aka GuessWho?.
This man birthed the visual style that Good Idea ran with for the rest of the World View covers. Awkword Magazine

Phil Mandelbaum a longtime friend from Ridgefield, CT

2. Legends Never Die: In Honor of YME aka Guess Who? aka Andreis Costa from a friend

3. Dear Mona, Michelle and Ariann Ariann Costa
Know that Andreis will live on in my heart and memory of him, growing strong like the trees in the forest. He was a special and creative person who brought light and love to all that he touched in his short life. Affectionately, Allie Sabalis

4. Hi Mona, I know you don't know me, but Andreis and I worked together and we became friends while he was at Cashmere Agency. I tried to post this note on his page, but I'm not sure if everyone could see it, and I wanted to share it with you:

Andreis and I first encountered each other while working at Cashmere Agency. The minute we met, we vibed, instantly recognizing in each other a kindred creative spirit.

He was a breath of fresh air and creative tornado all in one. I’ll never forget him striding into our conference room and telling a prospective Billionaire client (who was used to having his ass kissed) that his logo and branding were “sophomoric” at best. Andreis read him, broke him down, and Jedi mind tricked him right there. Needless to say, Andreis’ style and attitude got us the business.

He always tried to forge new creative connections for his friends, and was extremely generous – whether an introduction or letting you borrow his studio space for an afternoon, tools or anything else he had that you may need.

Andreis, your brilliant smile, infectious laughter, free flowing ideas and creative energy. You made it look effortless.

Whether throwing down a fresh hand style or freestyle, taking the perfect photo, or art directing an entire project, your presence was felt, and whatever you touched was better for it.

They are the Grand Champions!


My only regret is that, selfishly, we didn’t get the chance to work, conspire and build together more. Alas, a spirit like yours gets restless easy, and you were determined to move on. You tried to coax me into following you, your best intentions at hand, but me being a bit conservative in matters of employment stayed behind. You barreled ahead full steam, jumping from one project to the next, seemingly always falling upward into something more interesting and exciting. You always had the chutzpah to make that next leap.

The definition of a “creative force” he was surely to be reckoned with, both in this life and the next. Energy like he had is sometimes too powerful to be contained in the confines of the vessel that is the human body. As his energy passed through our space and time, we were lucky enough to encounter it, to be in it’s path along the way.

Rest In Peace my friend. May you travel safe. A soul like yours is not meant to be bound to this plane of mere physical existence. Surely we’ll encounter your energy again, in even more brilliant and vibrant ways. I know for certain, it has already left an indelible imprint on me. My deepest condolences. Sincerely, Jesse Nicely

American Concentration Camp

Jesse, the most beautiful eulogy, wonderful writing to share with all those who came across Dreis....... if you are in the ad biz, you should go far as a writer...... and being conservative about "employment" will be your strong suit...... success and fame will find you...James Mauri

5. Quote from Andreis…

"I breathe when I want to breathe, speak when I want to speak, see how I want to see, life is nuts!" - Guess Who? (a.k.a. Andreis Costa, a.k.a. YME)
"The structure of symmetry is everywhere in nature. It is not perfect or divine but it is magical. I have an urge to organize our visual detritus in this way because I see life.

I also see death but they are not opposite, one is and one isn't but both echo forever. “ - Andreis Costa

Bard Grafitti Andreis Costa

Bard Grafitti Andreis Costa

6. If you knew Andreis, if you caught one of his tags around NYC or worked with him on a project in LA, if you saw him rapping in a hoodie at Elisabeth Irwin or watched him bang around campus at Bard, if you heard him make music, create, rhyme, design, tell a joke, laugh (and you knew when you heard him laugh; it could be heard several rooms over), you can attest: he can’t be summerized in a paragraph.Here are some collected words about our dear friend—please add your reminiscences below.

7. "Andreis was such a breath of fresh air, like the smell of really good pizza and newports. He had that in-your-face interface that was just classic New York, with the well-honed irreverence required of all true writers. His was a maniacal and contagious smile, the kind of guy who’d laugh at his own misfortune, mocking it. A consummate writer. So much more than a writer.
He was that one friend who’d beat up your grade-school bully without you even asking.” - Adrian Adorno

8."[He] always reminded me nothing was ever too far to reach" - Jessica Case

Simon Ore & Andreis Costa

Our Gusto!

9. "In our younger years we weaved in and out of streets, stairways and rooftops in the daytime writing our names the whole way. He grew up there, he always knew the little cutty spots of the city I would have never experienced.He added so much to my NYC life always, constantly taking me out of my comfort zone all the while making me feel like he'd take out an army for me. He truly cared and inspired me to get up , get out and get something on a daily basis." - John Breiner

10. "He was a loving soul and a brilliant artist. His strut, serious. A New Yorker, they don't make them like this anymore. So fucking gentle, and also not so gentle. He understood gravity and we were lucky to have his friendship when we did." - Laura Bermudez

11. "Scholar of Mobb Deep and Dante in equal measure. Rawest dude to ever preach the virtues of Hermes soap. All the capers, madness, Russian Nightclub skirmishes, silent cigars on the back porch, the laughter, ferocity and kindess of knowing you and witnessing your talent will be with me for life." - Benjamin Robling

12. "My first word was "Andre". He was my everything. think of him as the lawless graffiti artist and most powerful and charismatic light of life. I love you forever Andreis. You are my brother and my soul." - Ariann Costa

13. Mi hijo, te extraño tanto! Te amo su Madre

The Collage Art of Andreis Costa

14. Quote from Andreis…"The structure of symmetry is everywhere in nature. It is not perfect or divine but it is magical. I have an urge to organize our visual detritus in this way because I see life.
I also see death but they are not opposite, one is and one isn't but both echo forever. “ - Andreis Costa

15. Poem recited by Randall Costa at the Memorial…From Patty Smith for Robert Mapplethorpe

Little emerald bird wants to fly away   If I cup my hand could I make him stay?
Little emerald soul    Little emerald eye Little emerald soul    Must you say goodbye?
All the things that we pursue    All that we dream are composed as nature knew    In a feather green
Little emerald bird   As you light afar    It is true I heard God is where you are Little emerald soul    Little emerald eye
Little emerald bird We must say goodbye

Andreis Costa being interviewed at the Spring Break Art Show 2012 and 2013

16. Full disclosure, I love Andreis Costa‘s work. I saw it a few years ago in his studio when we first met through mutual friends in LA and as it happens Andreis is also a Bard graduate (of course he is).
So when I saw his solo show last night at BOA Gallery in West Hollywood (his first in LA, the gallery is directly behind the Rag & Bone store if you need an easy reference) I swooned.

Andreis does gorgeous intricate collages that he literally cuts with a knife, hence the title of the show, “Cut With The Kitchen Knife”. Go see it, it’s up through June 6th. In a happy coincidence, Andreis’ old friend and Bard College roommate Daniel Gordon also has his first LA solo show of work up at M+B Gallery.

Though they came a few years after I graduated, Andreis and Daniel were Freshman year roommates and lived in the same dorm I lived in my freshman year at Bard (Bleucher, we are all lucky we survived that wooden tent on stilts!

Bard finally bulldozed “the ravines” a while ago). I love all the serendipity. And they both do beautiful work.

17. This is from a film that he worked on as a Producer Director Sunchoke

"I see me," replies Janie (Sarah Hagan).

"Sun Choke" is an impressionistic mood piece about Janie and her mysterious past/illness/condition. At its best, the film is a sensuous episodic narrative comprised of enigmatic, sensuous encounters that chip away at Janie's emotional defenses.

"Sun Choke" is not, in that sense, significantly worse during scenes where Irma or Janie explicitly spell out their intentions through expository dialogue.

17. Andreis Costa did the design that I painted for the panel for FTV4. I always had a blast working out art concepts with Dre, whether we were standing side by side at a wall or on different coasts.Now we'll be doing it together from different planes of existence. I have to dig up the rest of the pictures from this night. Thank you Andreis for connecting everyone in your world. I wouldn't be who I am today without you, my dear friend. Rest easy my brother. AlecGabler

Dead Kidz in Chinatown, NYC Andreis & Kiji

18. I NY "Massive love, thanks and respect to all of you who stress and sweat with your spray can, your bag full of stickers and your nasty bucket of paste. You make New York happen.

This book is for you." Kelly Burns23.

Mona, there are no words to soften such heartbreak. Andreis & Brian were the first two kids I met when I moved to Ridgefield, and the brotherhood that was created over the next decade was unbreakable.

19. I'll never forget when we lived up on Seth Low Mountain in Ridgefield.The half pipe we built in the driveway, and I'll never forget the day you all were moving and we decided to push it over the edge and send it crashing down the mountain (this was our way of being sustainable of course, because wood belonged back in the woods).
We were in no way just being teenage hooligans! Andreis was a bigger part of my life than even he knew. I'll love and remember him forever.
My heart is with you, Ariann, Michelle, Brian, and your entire family. Andreis is now watching over all those he loved the most. Brenden Gilligan

SweatShop LA

20. The "Bars & Hooks" cover art by the late, great Andreis Costa aka YME aka GuessWho?.

This man birthed the visual style that Good Idea ran with for the rest of the World View covers. He also dropped two wild .gifs on me that you can still find online:
(1) the 'flickering skull' for "Doctor Doctor", a song featuring Guess rapping; and

Doctor Doctor

Andreis & Brian Hallady

(2) the 'blinking marquee', fittingly for "Notorious", a song I wrote with Jasiri X and Jus Daze after the shootings/stabbings at the Notorious movie premieres... DRE,
‪#‎onlythegooddieyoung ‪#‎legendsneverdie you are a ‪#‎nyclegend the coolest motherfucker and best all-around artist I ever met. ‪#‎RIPYME.

21. ‪Andreis had such a lot of creativity! Such a vibrant loving soul he had. Andreis was such a cute and vibrant little child. Our hearts are with you, Michelle and Ariann so much. Love you guys Liz Biddle

22. Catharsis. Mad love. Much needed laughter, tears, and understanding. You are missed Scramshaw!!!

23. I'll never clean my dry erase board...miss you Dre... SO fucking much Nell Gavin

24. Andreis Costa, it really hurts to know that we'll never be able to sit in a creative space again and create beautiful strange together, at the same time I'm feeling so insanely grateful and lucky that we got to.It really feels like the world is a little less creative and beautiful without you in it. It might be a little inappropriate under these circumstances but, good job asshole, you were one of those unique fucks that burned too bright too fast and I'll never forget you. Gaetano Evangelista

25. Ocho.... I was just at your place less than 2 months ago, and now your gone. You were real bro !!Inspiring artist, we talked about designing street wear shirts, and talked funny shit in our retarded Spanish. A real OG. Always looked out for your friends. Until next time man. Ocho Cynco 
RIP Alexander Williams

26. I'm so sorry for your loss...Natasha Soroby

27. Y-Me, Eugene Kozak, of Dead Kidz, Dre, Andreis Costa; you told me I had a Chicago accent and taught me about Mobb Deep and Big L. You made art fearlessly and for your friends.You were the best roommate I kinda had. You could deliver an insult with surgical precision. You are my homie, and we are all better for knowing you, and your loss is so sudden, so truly devastating. Much love to Michelle and Ariane. Lella Brillson

Andreis with his ladies!

28. Holding you all in my heart Mona. Denise Morocco

29. I don't know how to do this. In 15 years of friendship we covered a lot of ground. We were schoolmates, friends, collaborators, thieves, vandals, roommates, brothers. He stuck his neck, and his fists, out for me on numerous occasions, and without a second thought. He loved his friends fiercely, as he did his family.

We shared an apartment on Division Street, but even before that he took it upon himself to show me his NYC, unvarnished, sometimes dangerous, but you never felt anything less than loved and protected in his presence. As if his invincibility transferred to you somehow.

He was untouchable. We made two movies together over the last 5 years. In 2011, he offered his home and every bit of himself so that I could realize a dream. He believed in me, and without that belief, I wouldn't be where, or who I am now.

Andreis & Brian Halladay...

Two years later we collaborated again on a film that comes out this week. And he was so fucking proud of us, and me, and the work we did together. And my heart shatters every time I remember he won't be with us on Friday, or ever again. I will never forgive the universe for taking you this way. Thank you for everything you are, and have been, and will be.

Thank you for your fierce love, and transferable invincibility. Thank you for helping me learn how to be the man I am today. I'm not sure how we're supposed to do the rest without you.
The picture below was taken in Las Cruces, NM in 2004, on a cross-country road trip that was only one of half a lifetime worth of adventures. Rest Brother. RIP YME DK IMOK FTV KOG Ben Cresciman

On the set with the Leggs Gang...

30. I heard about Andreis and wanted to send my condolences. Andreis was a great friend of mine when we were little and I remember all our art projects. I am very sorry for your loss. Brent Shapiro Hackley School

31. You always reminded me nothing was ever too far to reach. YMe Water Tower. Jessica Case

32. That 15 seconds when you wake up and cant remember whats bad about the day. Yea this guy being gone is bad. This was a photo from the Double Dragon video shoot. While others need permits and what not, we just threw down some orange cones and shut Divison st down for the shoot. John Breiner

33. RIP Andreis, Where does the time go? This flyer was from Dec 14th 2007. An epic night at Don Hills. Charles Stallman

34. RIP GuessWho?. I wish we made up before we lost you. You were an incredible artist, originator, trend-setter. LEGENDS NEVER DIE! Phil Mandelbaum

35. Lost a really really good one.. R.I.P. Andreis Costa I will see you in heaven brother. Life happens just too fast sometimes.. Much love to Ariann Costa and my condolences to your family. William J Edwards III

Andreis & Tina in drag...

36. Classic times with my brother Andreis Costa. You are forever in my heart. JP Kingsbury

37. Go make waves in a greater world my friend Andreis Costa! The world's lost another great one too soon but don't all comets burn faster and harder.Thank you Laura Bermudez for making this reunion happen and I'm grateful for another brief and surprise meeting earlier this year! All of us at Bard College who knew you already miss you! Ridaa Murad

38. This is a hard one..since hearing this morning I've been sifting through photos and i realize just how many times Andreis was on the other end of my lens. He was action,I never met anyone quite like him, the not so gentle, gentle giant. He really encompassed what it was to be a NY'er.

Andreis acting silly again...

In our younger years we weaved in and out of streets, stairways and rooftops in the daytime writing our names the whole way. He grew up there, he always knew the little cutty spots of the city I would have never experienced. He added so much to my NYC life always, constantly taking me out of my comfort zone all the while making me feel like he'd take out an army for me.

He truly cared and inspired me to get up , get out and get something on a daily basis. This is a picture i shot of him in front of his work at our 3rd grand champions forever show. He was a fantastic artist and friend and will be kept alive through what he left. Rest in peace friend 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Taken-October 23, 2009 1053 Flushing Ave, Bushwick Brooklyn , FTV Crew, MDH crew, John Breiner

Andreis at work!

39. My family has lost someone very important to us. Andreis Costa you have been part of our family for over 20 years, you are the Godfather to my nephew Brady, and my brother Brian Halladay's best mate ever. You always made time to see all of us, especially if my Mom was visiting LA. You had the most wonderful and infectious laugh and always cared so much...AND you were gangster. My heart goes out to Michelle, Brian, Ariann Costa, Mona Mauri and all those who love him. I'm just devastated. We will all miss you so dearly and you will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace Dre. Lindsay Halladay

40. Me and the GOD at the old Chinatown bar spot on Pell St...our old stomping grounds. That night Dre fought the infamous Broad St Bully if you known Dre then you know this legendary tale. See that was Dre...a fucking Legend...and NYC legends never die.I hate doing this but I have to somehow put how i feel out into the world. I want this to be read as I am obligated and indebited to my man to make sure he is remembered today.

Chances are if you know knew him. He was my partner in crime, my compadre, we were brothers. We created our own way of life, our own slang and our own terms. Wether it was copping squalls or dickadiddly darms or whatever weird shit we would coin it was the foundation of who I am and who he was.

We were always the life of the party together. It is highly unlikely that if you were ever around us and our mischevious ways that you werent in for the greatest night of your life. I’ve known a lot of people in life but have never had too many REAL friends. I mean thick and thin, broke or paid, cool or not...type of friends. We shared the same likes and could care less what people thought because he thought I was cool and I thought he was even cooler. I can honestly say he was my only friend.

And now he is gone. So in honor ill say this. If you have a friend or someone you know that you love unconditionally and they do the same them and tell them how much they mean to you as much as you can. That’s what he did for me. He was Andreis Costa, he was my brother and I feel lost with out him. Rest In Power my G. Brian Halladay

41. Mona, I am just seeing this message and it is devastating. It’s been a few yea rs since I saw Andreis, but he has been in my thoughts in the interim and will remain a part of so many of my most formative memories forever. I cannot imagine how you and Missy are managing, but please know my thoughts are with you.

I will never forget our times performing improv at SFOA, crabbing at our dock at the campground, diving off the rocks at Echo Lake, eating steamers and mussels and lobsters at Wonderwall, running up mountains and through the trees behind your home on the cliff.

Those were magical years and none of those times or memories would have been real without your family and my friend Andreis as company. I am so sorry for your loss and for the hole he has left in the world and in so many hearts.Best, Charlie Wittenberg

42. Sweet Mona, Thank you for bringing that amazing soul into this world. U did a great job raising him the best way u knew how.  I know this because I remember eating at your house together, and all those times in Westport.

I also want u to know that without Andreis I wouldn't have met Zena, or have my kids. My heart has been pouring to you this week and will continue to do so... Thank you for having us today I love you,-Alex

43. Hi Mona. I just wanted to let you know I'm not going to be able to get to Venice for the services on Saturday. I'm very sorry I won't be able to come. I would like to attend whatever you are going to do in NYC.Please keep me posted as you figure those details out.

I am so sorry and am at a loss for words. Andreis has and always will hold a special place in my heart. Sending lots of love. Please let Ariann know I'm thinking of her too.

44. Waking up this morning with your story of the day.  Thank you for sharing that I'm glad you were surrounded by family and friends.  Continue to be with them as much as you can, is my suggestion.Some people narrow their social world and distance themselves as a self-protection, which doesn't help.

Good to hear that Andreis was valued and loved by people who knew him.  That is worth keeping in the front of your mind. Nine months to do toxicology?! That sounds crazy.  It won't change anything, true, but it might have info related to genetic issues that might be good for Ariann to know.

Probably not.  Soak up some so cal sunshine. Love, Howie Dansky~~

45. Mona,You and Ariann have been in my thoughts ever since I heard the news. I wrote a letter to both of you. Can I send them to the address below?

I have only heard bits and pieces from third parties actually. I’m not on any social media and Andreis and I hadn’t spoken in a long time. It’s been difficult to get news. Someone said that there would be a memorial at the end of the month. Is this happening?

Thinking about you often and sending you a lot of love. If there is anything that I can do for you or Ariann right now, please let me know. Anything at all. Lots of love, Sam

46.  Mona! What happened???? I did not have my phone on all day and paolo just texted me that he saw it on Instagram IM SO SORRY! I will call you later

How is Ariann???? Love you B (Bonnie Suarez) If there’s anything I can do…

47. Dear Mona, Words are hard to find during this time. Memories appear like flashes of light, and the sound of laughter from your son is heard from afar. I cannot fathom to try understand your loss. You made a beautiful man. A great man. A man who will be with us eternally. My love goes to you during this difficult time. All hearted with love, Vicky (Usle)

48. Morning Mona, I received your card and yes, farewell to youth and innocence! 😁. It looks like Andreis' memorial was a total celebration of his youth, creativity and kind spirit!  Hope you and Ariann can keep those positive memories in the forefront.  Hope we can get together soon ok? Love you Bonnie (Suarez)

49. Stef and I will be there in spirit. And with u at end of Aug. let me know when and what I can do. Call u when back in ny August 10 Always. 🙏🏻❤️Steve too sends condolences and memories. Andrea(Gordon)

50. Dear Mona, I am overcome with emotion receiving your message – I learned of Andreis’s passing on facebook and have been so sad and stunned by the news. I had planned to send a message to you and to Ariann, but just hadn’t found the words yet. My dad was so upset about the news too, and he also wished to send a message of condolences. My mom doesn’t know yet but I know that of course she will be deeply, deeply saddened.

Andreis was my first friend, and I always thought of him that way. I have so many vivid, vivid memories of him and Ariann and you and Kent at your homes during those old times. I will be going to my mom’s apartment –- same place on the Upper West Side—in a few weeks and have been planning to dig up old pictures of us… I have in my mind already some shots of curly-haired me and bald-headed Dreis sitting on a blanket and exchanging carrots. I will send images to you and Ariann. I’ll always remember that daring wild child with that mischievous laugh, and have much much love for him and Ariann, who will always be beloved little sister Missy to me.

I cannot imagine your and Ariann’s grief. My family and I will be thinking of and sending you love and light the best that we can. Please contact us for anything – if we can do anything, even just to share memories: Love, Amelia

51. Mona, my deepest condolences during this most difficult heartbreak time for you. I hold such fond memories of Andreis and playing at your home. Andreis has always been my most favorite and remembered childhood friend, I think of him and you after and will continue to with love and fondness. If there is anything I can do for you, even just listen; I'm always here. Please let me know about any services, I would like to attend if it is something you would want. Much love Mona, Martina (Haley)

52. Hi Mona, I just saw your post on FB and I am so so sorry. I will write more in a note - wasn't sure of your current email or mailing address- but wanted you know how much I love you. You were there for me during a difficult time and I want you to know I am here for you. Keeping you in my prayers. Sending a big hug Joelle Heise Park

53. Hi Mona I just wanted to pass on my condolences to you and your family. Although I never met your son, I feel through your Facebook posts that Andreis wasn't just part of this world he really lived life to its fullest May time and fond memories bring you peace. Jeff Anderson

54. Mona, I don't want to be intrusive in any way, but wanted to reach out to you & let you know that you're in my thoughts & prayers right now. Love, Jen

55. Dear Mona, I just read Ariann's post about Andries. And I saw that you shared a number of posts on his Facebook page. I'm so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful force of nature and kindness, and artist and human being my friend was. Can you let me know what happened? Is there is a funeral service or memorial planned? And is there anything I can do to help or support the Costa family. Thank you, love and prayers, Amanda (Keidan)

56. I have so many photos, I have this short movie of him in that wig and hat singing- I was afraid to watch it, but ended up laughing so hard. Laughing at all our pictures, we had so much fun. We laugh and joke all the time.. I was trying to figure out how to send it to you guys..

Plus other photos that will make you laugh!! I am in disbelief I'm having a very hard time. Ariann was saying she would like to do a memorial out here for the New York friends&family. Mona I am so sorry and I think about you Ariann and Michelle. Let me know what I can do or if you want to do something out in NYC when Ariann flies out, I can start to get that together. Lots of love. Martina

57. I am so sorry Mona, I can't imagine your pain. He was such a young man, I will be thinking of you. The poem is so beautiful and painful at the same time. I will contact Michelle. All my best. Norma Minkowitz 

58. Everyone in Cabo sends you ( and Jim) their love and their deepest condolences. Elyse Lewin

59. Hi Mona, I don't know if you remember me but Andreis was one of my best friends growing up. We met at Camp Omni and were very close throughout high school and college, spending countless hours together in NYC, Maine, Paris and everywhere in between. Although we haven't spoken in years, I am absolutely devastated by this loss. I wanted to wish you my deepest sympathies and condolences. Please let me know if there are any plans for a memorial in the NYC area as I would like to pay my respects and remember my dear dear friend. With lots of love and a heavy heart, Toby Rappaport

Dreis And AlecGabler

60. hi mona, i hope i'm not intruding, but some of Andreis' Bard classmates and I are planning to create a Go Fund Me page to help Michelle, Ariann, and you with expenses and i want to run what the page by you to make sure you are comfortable with it. BJ ran it by Michelle and Ariann as well. Any changes or additons please do let me know JP Kingsbury

61. Mona, I am just so sorry for your loss.... Your son was one the most amazing men to ever walk through my life.... I have never felt love like that. I have missed him since the day he walked out the door....
There are so many things I want to say to him... Can you please tell me what happened!!!? Tina Mintus

62. Mona, I'm SO VERY SORRY!   I loved Andreis. He was so special. He will be extremely missed by all his family and friends. Sending you prayers. Carolyn Ihde

63. Mona, it's rose.   Andreis and Ariann lived at my moms house for a while. we met a couple of years ago.   i dont know what happened to andreis, but i had to get in touch to let you know how deeply saddened i am. my mother sends her love. i am so incredibly sorry for your loss.   he was loved by my family, and such a beautiful soul.   please let me know if theres anything i can do, or services i can attend. id like to say goodbye.   i cant express fully how heartbroken i am. and i wish i could send all of my love through this message. im so sorry. Rose Lopez

64. Hi Mona I am Brian's littler sister Kate. I wanted to reach out and let you know how deeply saddened we are of loosing Andreis. He's been a big brother to me, and all my siblings, and Brian's other half, his best friend in the world. Brian is devastated. We are always your family, no matter what, and will be here for you all anytime you need. Please know this. We love you all and I am sending light and love your way. Andreis will be so terribly missed. Kate HallidayPeoples Champions

65. Oh my God Mona...what happened?!? I am seeing terrible things on Facebook.   Are you alright?! I am so so sorry!!!! I have no words I am sorry does not seem like enough. Please let me know if there is anything at all I can do for you. Mary DeLongis

66. Oh Mona, I'm so sad & sorry to hear about dear Andreis....our love to you & Ariann & wrong & brings so many memories as kids with all of your family...xoxo Sara Case

67. Hello Mona, I sent uncle Babe a message late last night to ask about what I was seeing on Facebook. I am so very sorry Mona. Please if there is anything I can do for you don't hesitate to contact me. 949-293-2913. I understand that you are here in LA now. You are in my thoughts Michelle Mauri

68. Dear Mona. Wanessa told me this morning after class about the death of your son. Please accept our sincere condolences & our prayers for you & your family. Please let me know if there's is something you need or if I can do anything for you. Sending love, hugs & comforting thoughts to you. I can't stop thinking of you and your family. Your son is in a very special place & at peace. I'm here for you if you need me...say the word. Our love to you, Ariann & Jim. Peggy

69. Dear Mona, I just read Ariann's post about Andries. And I saw that you shared a number of posts on his Facebook page. I'm so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful force of nature and kindness, and artist and human being my friend was.Can you let me know what happened? Is there is a funeral service or memorial planned? And is there anything I can do to help or support the Costa family. Thank you, love and prayers, Amanda Keidan

70. Bonnie mentioned you might have a memorial service in NY.. I would like to be there for you.. Bonnie will keep me posted. I'm sorry we all can't be there for you.. Thinking if you… Michelle Brunwasser

71. You can hear how big of a heart Dreis has in that prank call. Very touching James Mauri Jr

72. I love seeing your posts about your very talented and free spirited son. I feel like I have been given an opportunity to know a little more about Andreas and I don't think I will ever forget your beautiful tributes to him. Keep his memory alive Mona - it's the best way for your heart to heal. Dot McEnroe

73. Hi Mona, i think about u often and i miss you- im so very sorry to hear about your son. my heart breaks for you- please know i am here for you, for anything, any time. Xo Melissa Tobin Makrus79

74. Just want to let you know that Mom and I are thinking of you! I can't imagine. Sending love your way. Stephanie Rob

75. Hello Mona. I just want to let you know that I am sending you love and prayers. Wanessa

76. My heart breaks for Andreis Costa's family and friends. So young, so full of life, such a free spirit...EI was a special place -- we laughed together, we cried together, we got into trouble together and we had an INCREDIBLE time together. So even though distance and time have separated many of us, I'll always have love for our senior class. Hugs to you all. Kimberly Martin

78. no words can express the sadness ... he had endless talent, energy, and those who met him along the way, were so drawn to him. Jim Mauri

79. Hugs to you too Kimberley A. Martin. I'm beyond sad for his family and loved ones. He was special and even though I hadn't seen him in years and years, we randomly spoke and he always held a special place in my heart. When things like this happen it almost erases all the years we've all been apart and feels like we were just together yesterday. Sending everyone love. Bram Berg

80 I'll sure miss that teddy bear. What a love. Rest in peace sweetheart. Aunt Mary Brown

81. Been thinking about you I know how hard this is. Remember the good times and talk about him often. Big hugs to you. Mindy Gray

82. . Andreis -We knew him since his birth because we were privileged to be friends with his wonderful parents. There was never a time when we left him without a smile on our face. In 2012 he showed up at a beach party of ours and brightened the event as soon as he arrived. The last time we saw him was at his show in NYC, brightening there as well. We've thought about him daily since Sunday and probably will forever. What a loss for all. Peter Hearn

83. Mushies. remember when Andreis scared the shit out of us when he walked up in the gorilla mask. fun times. Paola Patricia

84. Wow 6 years ago!! I do remember Andreis scaring us. that was a great night and our walk we all took. Couldn't ask for a better time with you guys. Thanks for this memory love and miss you guys. Justin Bayne

85. I remember Andreis showing me this video when they cut it, I was obsessed... So many good chinatown moments. King of Division Street. Been looking for it, thanks for digging it up Jessica Case, or thank your dad! We should all have this much fun all the time! Laura Bermundez

86. As the universe turns, the world spins off souls. It's never easy. We lost a dear friend this week, he passed unexpectedly in his sleep. We need to raise money to make sure his family is straight, and to provide a tasteful memorial service to honor his life. Mateo Ike

87. Damn Andreis and we were just getting to know you. Your laugh is still ringing in my head. RIP RIP RIP Marina Ivlev

88. This was always my fav! He was truly one of a kind and will always be remembered. He had such an amazing soul and his spirit will live on. Rest in Power my dear love Dre! Tara Palmer

89. My heart breaks for Andreis Costa's family and friends. So young, so full of life, such a free spirit...EI was a special place -- we laughed together, we cried together, we got into trouble together and we had an INCREDIBLE time together. So even though distance and time have separated many of us, I'll always have love for our senior class. Hugs to you all. Kimberley A. Martin with Zac Buehner

90. I'm beyond sad for his family and loved ones. He was special and even though I hadn't seen him in years and years, we randomly spoke and he always held a special place in my heart. When things like this happen it almost erases all the years we've all been apart and feels like we were just together yesterday. Sending everyone love. Bram Berg

91. "The structure of symmetry is everywhere in nature. It is not perfect or divine but it is magical. I have an urge to organize our visual detritus in this way because I see life. I also see death but they are not opposite, one is and one isn't but both echo forever." -Andreis Costa

92. This was written by an old friend of mine, that I haven't seen in over 15 years and haven't spoken to in about 4 (and even then it was only over FB messages) but when I heard, rather saw, of his passing I felt a hit to my gut and an overwhelming sense of nostalgia....for everything and every one I have lost...for "the good times" and for being young. Time is such a strange thing. So is loss. Death especially. When I came upon this quote of Andreis's, it took my breath away for a moment. I felt it resonate in my whole body. Damn. Here's to all the moments that "echo forever"... Rest in power Andreis Costa. You were one of a kind. Talia Luening

93. It had been many years since I'd last seen Andreis, but as a kid he never failed to show up and stick up even if it meant fighting. I always respected that. My heart goes out to his family. Spare what you can. Tyler Matheny

94. Andreis and I met when we were in one of the younger boys cabin at Hidden Valley Camp in the very early 90s. He had a bottle of “Spanish fly” he had brought from home. We all had a drop and thought we were hyped up on aphrodisiacs running around the cabin acting like love drunk maniacs, but of course we just stupid, horny pre-teen boys.

Another year at Hidden Valley I asked him to help me pick out what to wear because he was “from New York” and knew about these things. He gave me shit about it, but still helped me out.

He helped me prepare to kiss this girl, then arranged it so she and I would meet behind this fire truck that was permanently parked in front of the dining hall. We frenched, and when I got back to the cabin all giddy, he asked me how it was and I told him about how she had a strawberry Jolly Rancher in her mouth that we swapped. It was my first kiss.

After HIdden Valley, we switched to a different camp called Omni Camp together. We stayed friends during the school years with plenty of visits to each other’s houses, and even after we both stopped going to summer camp we stayed close.

I remember one of the times visiting his house in CT, we played hide and seek in his front yard, and I got so excited hiding in his shrubs that I pissed my pants a little. He told me about Gollum and Elvish in Lord of The Rings, which I hadn’t read. He showed me his drawings, which were so far beyond my talent I couldn’t understand how he did it.

Later I visited him in NYC and was completely intimidated by his ease in those surroundings in which I felt so awkward. I think we smoked on a rooftop and walked around the city while he put up tag stickers and scratched his sign into glass.

He was always the coolest kid in the room. So much cooler than me. I admired him and was grateful to have him as a friend, and I think I was honored that he chose me to have as his. He was hilarious, confident, captivating, mysterious, talented, caring, and bold. We messaged several years ago before I had my kid, and then again shortly after.

He was so happy for me. He mentioned he was going to be in my area in Maine, and we made tentative plans to meet up, but never did. I wish we had. I wish I had gotten see him as an adult and give him a big hug. I’ll miss you, old friend, but you’ll be with me forever. Aaron Price

95. My brother.... So sorry to hear, I was blessed to share a few afternoons in that lower Manhatty flat... His spirit is strong, and he will continue to ride on with u... Stay blessT and Stay brighT. Justice Whitaker

96. Andreis Costa I'm at a loss for words. You opened so many doors for me. Befriended me. Introduced me to the game. Showed me the way. You will never be forgotten. Rest in peace Dre. Steve Frawst Alexander

97. To one of the coolest people to ever walk the Earth. Thank you for your openness, positivity, hilariousness and leading me to all kinds of new discoveries. Love you tremendously. Candice Han

98. Andreis Costa damn were such a beautiful soul! Another one gone so soon. A man of art a man of positivity and such a loving heart. I hope you and your dad have rekindled your relationship. This world has lost something will be missed my friend. Stu Brown

99. We are really going to miss you and feel your loss Andreis Costa. You and Brian Halladay were the Dynamic duo that stood right with BLESTeNATION before anyone else did. NO QUESTION. Ryan William Gibbs

100. Bittersweet walk down memory lane.... I was such a dork, i had AlanaLo Lita snag a yearbook so I could have all our LREI friends sign it too- I went to LaGuardia but my loves were still on Varick . we also gushed, at what might have been the CUTEST baby picture of all time RIP Andreis CostaAlicia Helleborine LoBiondo Andreis Costa

101. This is unreal!! He was such a beautiful soul. His ora was built to make people happy. What a soldier. Alexander Sereyani

102. This is such sad news. I had not seen him since EI, but I'm still in shock. Lots of strength to his sister and many many friends. Sara Murado

103. do you remember this night way back when? You, Bobby, and I painted some panels for a show at Bard that Andreis was putting together.Years later the two of you came to the skatepark I worked at to paint and BJ was filming.

Those times meant the world to me as a writer. Andreis connected so many people in everything he was passionate about because he wanted to see his friends reach success and build them up. He changed my life. We all miss him dearly. Alec Gabler

104. I'm totally shocked. I consider you and Andreis my entry point into 90s New York hip hop mindsets having moved from California to go to school at Bard.
I was fortunate to reconnect with him recently. His personality and spirit was not diminished in anyway from the first encounter you described above. Logan Weinsieder

105. Stealing this image from his page. Super sad. No more Beyonce. My friend Andreis Costa was a crazy vibrant New Yorker and my 20's would not have been the same without him. Bad sad news. Jayda Calypso Brotman

106. Just learned of the passing of a childhood friend. While Andreis (left) and I were not very close in our adult lives, we shared a number of great times in our formative teenage years, getting re-connected towards the end of college and to 2008, when we were both groomsmen in our friends' wedding party (when this pic was taken). I'll never forget skateboarding around Danbury & Ridgefield, getting into trouble, hanging out at each others houses in 8th and 9th grade. You were always a badass -- the "didn't give af" kind of guy we all looked up to, as well as a talented skater, a gifted artist, and great friend. My thoughts and condolences to your family and loved ones. RIP man. Andrew Casden

107. I miss you a lot man. sleep well Andreis Costa Mark Walls

108. Rest in Peace, Power and Paint, Andreis. You touched so many people...If only i can just get one more of these. there's definitely a void in my and many others heart. Paola Patricia

109. Andreis Costa you were so legit. This song always reminds me of you, mostly because when you discovered I hadn’t seen the video you made me sit down and watch it immediately.You were always so excited to share art and music, anytime we hung out I always left feeling so inspired. Plus, man, you were so fun and funny! If all it took was popular demand, you'd be back by now.

You were such an incredible one. See you on the other side. Lindsey Reiman

110. I'm just coming around the very sad news about Andreis Costa. While I never knew him well, I found him an utterly captivating human--a larger than life pirate with a great deal of swagger--and I enjoyed and valued his philosophies on art and commerce. To those of you closest to him, my thoughts are with you today and my heart goes out to his friends and family. William Raposo

111. Yesterday started off as one of the worst, losing a life long friend way too soon. I found solace in an amazing evening of art and music and spoken word that I was fortunate enough to perform in to raise money for Art of Acting Studio Los Angeles's Outreach and Prison Programs.It was healing and moving and filled me with so much love seeing all these talented and generous people come together. I remembered this morning that Andreis Costa had been to that same space with me before, to support my best friend's movie screening and it makes me feel like that is what he would have wanted us to continue doing: to make art, express ourselves, speak out.The coming weeks will be impossibly hard as his family and my family his friends and my friends mourn, but I will carry that spirit in my heart. Lindsay Halliday

112. We will never forget you buddy. Thank you for loving Brian as much as I do. Gabrielle Halliday❤️

113. Andreis. It would be 20 years in the fall, school time. You showed up in high school and we became friends in college. Maybe before. It was 20 years ago. My mind is slippery. This is the only photo I have of you. I was reminded our friendship started before camera phones so this is acceptable.I wasn't obsessed with photography yet so it makes sense. This was at someones birthday so of course I was shooting. Everyday is someones birthday and I have learned to act as such. I haven't been with you for the past few of your birthdays and I am sorry.

You were a staunch gift giver who always remembered mine, internet or not.Your home was/is my home everytime you moved. Your parents welcomed me when welcome was hard to find. Still, no photos. Living in the moment is a contagious specialty of yours, and while I have never held that living in the moment means not taking photos that seems to be the lane occupied. Maybe because you were always writing the things on places and me no snitch. I am sorry I haven't seen you in a while.

Thank you for my first art show in New York, my first piece of fly gear, my first graf markers, my first time being drunk, innumerable shady ass circumstances and a bunch of friends made thru you that I still fucks with. A stronger character here are not many sir. Thank you, and I'm sorry. I promise to do better. Azikiwe Muhammed

114. So sad to hear this.real G . I've been friends with him since the 7th grade my mind is blown over this we just talked 2 weeks ago what a loss. This is someone I will truly miss forever. Matt Labozzetta

115. Words cant even describe the pain im goin thru... You were my big bro and taught me how to live when i was at one of my worst points.
I cant say for sure I will ever truely get over this. The walks we used to take were the best time of my life!Always almost getting arrested but u knew just what to say. A true New Yorker with the blood on your knuckles to prove it. Strength an Honor was the code u lived by and i forever will too. I love you so much Dre and I will make my mission to forever memorialize you on every wall I can. Till the next time brother. Jay Dee Buffalo

116. My thoughts and prayers are with you Ariann and Michelle. So saddened by this tragic loss. May you stay strong through this difficult time. All my my love to everyone affected by the loss of a kind soul, that is Andreis Costa. Gabriel Kakon

117. Andreis Costa I did not want to wake today... Did not want to re-enter this reality where you are no longer. Everything in me rejects this. Nell Galvin

118. Saying goodbye to you, my dear old friend Andreis. You and Ariann were like family to me and my heart is in pieces over this horrific news. Peace and love, my brother. Toby Rappaport

119. This guy was one of the true ones. Big in stature, huge in heart. You collage together your past interactions, not realizing they were your last. Teetering up on air, frozen in time, with buoyant paper wings. Keep em flying, Andreis Costa. Everyone already misses you. Andrew Gori

120. Gusto, Arian, Andreis & Manny forever 41 division street ! Like a brother to me love you girl ! Manny Noriega

121. I met Andreis Costa in a barn in the early 90s at Hidden Valley Camp, and I was delighted to find him again in the woods at Bard College. We had some wild times (including a Thanksgiving with my parents, many nights out in Tivoli and NYC, and even a trip to a K-Mart photo studio with JP). I'm overwhelmed to learn that he has passed away. Sending love to so many Bard friends who are also in shock. Rosie Rosenblum

122. man i don't like seeing these so sorry to hear about this. i only knew him for a little bit but he managed to give me one of the greatest compliments I've ever received GODSPEED Joey Feldman

123. Today doesn't feel real!! I keep hoping it's just a bad dream and that ill wake up and this will all go away. You were such an amazing person. You have touched so many people lives.
Dave and i considered you our family. I will never forgot all the great memories we shared.The thing ill miss the most are the phone calls where you sang to me. RIP Andreis Costa love you.  Andrea Alamia

124. I don't even know what to say ... I don't ever know what to say when I get the news . All I know is we all have our day to return home and I know we will meet again in the other my brother . Rise Into Paradise Andreis Costa aka GuessWho ... Legends Never Die Josama Mala Palabra

125. So saddened to hear the news today about Andreis Costa. I hadn't seen him in a few years - the last time when I took these photos at Spring/Break Art Show - and when we chatted that night I was reminded of what a genuinely sweet, interested and talented guy he was. You will be missed, my friend. Samuel Sachs Morgan

126. I don't even know where to start... Today I heard the unthinkable... My friend,my mentor, my partner in crime, my BROTHER... Left this life today... This has been one of the worst days for me, I still can't believe it, or even want to believe that it's true...It seems like a bad dream! There are only a few people that make a Huge imprint on your life and Andreis Costa was and is most definitely one of those people for me!

We became instant best friends from the first day we met, brothers from other mothers... We went through trials and tribulations together good times and tough times but always exciting times... I love you forever my G I will never let you let you go or forget our times together...We were family and I know that just about everyone you ever met feels the same way! We all love u Andreis and will miss you every day.... I can't say good bye 
See you again, my friend my brethren, my brother!!! Jerry Secor

127. Rest in Power Andreis So many great memories together. Damn Drew Grymes

128. Damn, Andreis Costa. I'm shocked at the news. I don't know any details other than what others have already posted: Andreis has passed. My thoughts are with all of you who are closest to him.We've only seen each other in passing over recent years; and I thought we'd have lots more chances to connect. Andreis, you had a big influence on all of us in the Art studio at Bard.Your work had a professionalism and class that pushed everyone to try harder. You'll be forever imprinted in our memory like a silver Andy Warhol. RIP brother. Gregory Wieber

129. This was the last time I saw you and just a couple of days ago we reconnected again. it's really hard to believe you're gone, homie. you were one of my first friends here and LA. Loved seeing your face when we were neighbor's. loved your style, sense of humor, smile and your wiseassness.Loved how much you cared for your family, took care of your father and loved Gusto!

It felt good to have that east coast love near by... but then you moved and it totally sucked. grateful we still remained in contact and you always remained one of my favorite people ever. tell your pops what's up -at least one good thing about this is that you are together again. love you, man. rest in peace. till we meet again. ps: go flex, go flex Paola Patricia

130. Dearest heart cannot grasp the reality of your flight from this earth...there simply are not words for the light and joy and ridiculousness you brought to my life, neither can I adequately describe the pain of knowing that the treasured memories of you are all that I now have. You are loved, eternally. Nell Galvin

131. Fucking gutted about Andreis Costa, who I just reconnected with and saw him happier and more Dre than ever. Would love to chat with folks about coming together and celebrating him in New York, if anyone has thoughts or ideas. Leila Brillson

132. Rest in peace to one of the first people i ever made music with. Great dude great energy and a great spirit. Lotta fun memories you will be missed. Rip Andreis Costa Rich Parry

133. Andreis, this is a picture from your first solo art show in NYC. I was so proud of you and so happy I could be there to celebrate this amazing accomplishment. You always encouraged me as an artist and pushed me to be creative.Thank you for that. It always meant a lot to me. RIP my friend, you will be missed. Jessica Case138. The man with the infectious laugh. I am at a loss for words. The sorrow is overwhelming. Stewart Huey139. I'm heartbroken. Utterly heartbroken. I'm so sorry for your loss. I have no words except to say I'm so SO sad. My condolences. Jennifer B. White

134. Such a talented person and a longtime family friend...I am in shock...RIP Andreis Costa Karen Neroulias

135. Miss you buddy RIPAndreis Costa Scotty Ferguson

136. The Eskwilax Hour Episode 75 Part Two " Andreis Costa A.K.A YME" Andreis was supposed to come paint live on the show on August 12th, rest in peace YME. My condolences to his wife and family. The Eskwilax Hour'

137. I send love and my deepest condolences to his wife, family, and all of those close to Andreis. He truly shined. Xx Emma Smith Stevens

138. Woke up to terrible news this morning... A tough reminder for us all to cherish the ones we love and keep them close to us... R.I.P Andreis Costa your physical presence no longer among us, yet your generous talented and loving spirit resides in each and every person who's path you crossed during your journey. Ariann baby stay strong, I'm coming for you Love Jouhara Ismaili

139. A few weeks ago we lost a good friend and a beloved member of our community. He was taken from us way too early, as so many have been before him. Lets help celebrate his memory. RIP Andreis Costa. See you next time. Johnny Leo

140. I'll never clean my dry erase board...miss you Dre... SO fucking much Nell Galvin

141. Mona! I can't thank you enough for telling me that. Andreis' talent and energy was immense! I miss him so very much. Always Stewart (Huey)

142. It has been a really long time Arianne, I am so saddened to hear about the loss of your sweet brother. I am sending you and your family so much love and strength during this time.
 phenomenal human- he will never be forgotten. So sorry and I hope that you are surrounded with love and support. Rachel Lana Schubert

143. He's such a gentleman. I can't believe he got so far without screaming and cursing. What a sweetheart. Stefanie Gordon re: Cat Facts

144. I never post anything personal on social media but I want everyone to remember what a powerful force of life my brother was. My first word was "Andre". He was my everything. think of him as the lawless graffiti artist and most powerful and charismatic light of life. I love you forever Andreis. You are my brother and my soul. Ariann

145. RIP Andreis Costa AKA YME. You and MAGE looked like you were having a normal day of you were hanging with YME always an adventure. The man upstairs took a good man. Love ya Brian Halladay I know u lost a true brother. Miles Colby Banks

146. Dorothy told me of your tragic loss. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were all together in her living room. Andreis was so full of life! It’s also unfair. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Marge Watson

147. Remembering speaking with Andreis that day. Very impressed ... Intelligent, creative, A wonderful young man. Thinking of you Mona. ... Ellen Ross Cober

148. I was there with all of you and remember having a great talk with Andreis... Allie Saballis

149. Great Poster art made for Spacefish by the late great Andreis Costa. R.I.P handsome. Jim Agpalza

150. Mona, I am so devastated and heartbroken to hear about Andreis... He was without a doubt one of my very best childhood friends. I will forever treasure those memories in his honor, and you and Ariann will always hold a special place in my heart. I am thinking of you both... Love, Geraldine

151. Mona I’ve been struggling for days to find words of support for you following Andreis’ passing. And I don’t know what to say. I cannot imagine the pain and I’m so sorry for yours. I didn’t know Andreis but through his mother. I want you to know that the Mauri’s love you and will always be there for you. If I could do anything, say anything to help you Mona, I would and will.I spent some time looking at comments pouring in from all of Andreis’ friends.  I’m sorry I did not get to know him. Ariann’s post was both beautiful and gut wrenching. I’m so sorry Mona. Please know that despite the fact that we are all racing through life and caught up in our own day to day struggle, We all love you and are deeply saddened that we’ve lost your son. Brett Mauri

152. Re: Cat Facts...Mona I laughed out loud. So hilarious. Did Andreis do more of these? How are you doing? So strong of you to embrace his life and share outward and not run from his death. I cannot imagine. I think I saw on FB you are in LA now. Is missy there too? Send my love to her as well. Much love love Jeremy (Biddle)

153. My deepest condolences to you and is so sad and terrible...i remember all theses moments with the kids in Scarborough . Love. Marica

154. Its taken me too long to write this-
I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine for you losing a son and Arrianne a brother. We all lost something when Andreas left us.
I was at my parents house when you called my mom that morning after Andreis passed. It was unfathomable. We were so sad.

I did not know Andreis as an adult and I only met him once at Reg Case's memorial at Garrison- we came back to my parents house after and I talked to him. He was a remarkable person I could tell instantly. Beyond that I only have a few memories of Andreis and Missy as kids. The weeks that followed his death I began to vividly remember what his voice sounded like when he was a child- Excitable, hard to describe in words, such a strange recollection but one that I wanted to share with you as you. A very tangible recollection of his voice as a little boy.
I hope you are finding light and peace through this. My thoughts have since been with you and Arrianne and I'm sorry I haven't reached out sooner.
If there is anything I can ever do please let me know. All my love, Megan

155. "He loved his friends fiercely, as he did his family." - Benjamin Creciman

156. Hello, I am really sad to hear about Andreis. I know him from a long time ago, when we were in our early 20s. I had him curate a show for my party, BE NICE. Id see him weekly for like on and off 2 years usually when we were hanging out at BE NICE. It was a large crew of art school kids who graduated from School of Visual Arts and other art schools in the city. I tried to look for photos of him, but it appears I dont have any. Andreis was so sweet. Im sad I wasnt able to keep up with him over the years. Much love to you during this difficult time. Losing a child is a pain I never hope to experience. My thoughts, prayers and positive energy your way. (I wish I could have attended the gathering but I live in LA now). Much Love, Turner.

157. No heaven couldn't wait for you...So go on, go home, it is your time.

158. There isn't a week that goes by that I don't think about Andreis. I have so many funny and sentimental memories of him. One time we both flew in to LA together... he was coming from NY and I was in from Boston. We landed within 10 minutes of each other and he greeted me at my gate. The first thing we always did when we saw each other is laugh. I don't even know why... I guess we both expected that something hilarious was about to happen, so we'd let out these belly laughs then he'd bear hug me. On that occasion, we both had the most crazy flights! I had turbulence that made the plane drop in altitude and go sideways and he had a false landing that scared everyone so much everyone on the entire plane was screaming! He said the woman next to him had a strange calm look on her face while everyone was letting loose ear-splitting squeals, and abruptly she asked him, "Do you have any gum?" I miss him so much all the time. I'm so very sorry for your loss. Take care Mona, tell Ariann I said hello. Again, my deepest condolences. Much love to you and your family. xoxo Jennifer B. White

Dan Suarez, Paolo Suarez, Nick Suarez and Andreis in Greenwich, CT

Jennifer White Kuri, AleX Narulius, Alissym Gluck, and Andreis