“The Night Time is the Right Time”

For Immediate Release

“The Night Time is the Right Time” 

Recent works by Luke Barber-Smith and Patrick Rocha

Curated by Andreis Costa

May 17 – June 24, 2006

Reception: May 17th, 7 – 10pm 

Invisible NYC is pleased to present “The Night Time is the Right Time”, a unique exhibition featuring photography and drawings by Luke Barber-Smith and Patrick Rocha as curated by Andreis Costa. This exhibition combines eerie photographs of New York’s empty nightscapes as discovered through the artists trespass with beautifully rendered line drawings of adipose tissue, skin, and hair in a rough yet sensuous inspection of the illicit.

Recent photographs from Luke Barber-Smith’s “Night Moves” series explore and document the nocturnal city. Painterly c-prints of vacant industry, empty bridges and building rooftops lend an eye to a world seen by few and adventured by less. Climbing over fences, scaling water towers and dropping into subway vaults the artist executes his work with the privilege of a cat burglar. Using long exposure Barber-Smith exaggerates the different light sources creating an atmospheric drama. Buildings and structures appear as mirage set against a cinematic heaven and backdrop of the sleeping metropolis.

The visceral yet elegant ink drawings from Patrick Rocha’s ongoing “Gross Out” series portrays multi-figure action, and the landscape of the corpse by morphing familiar parts of the nude figure with clumps of hair, flesh and fluid to imply embryonic and other human-like forms with the suggestion of defect. Within this, a dialogue is introduced: The complexity of anatomy and it’s myriad systems combined with an innate feeling of excitement and repulsion by what our bodies create, intake and dispel.

Together the works represent inquiry on opposite levels yet both reveal a push and pull towards the unknown or unexplored and leave the audience squinting with strained necks as if to gain focus on a terrific event.

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