The Spring/Break Art Show

Succeeds With Visions of Apocalypse

When IN THE AIR visited Armory Week newcomer Spring/Break Art Show yesterday after leaving the crowded rooms of hotel fair The Dependent, the comparatively quiet hallways of the Old School on Mott Street only added to the curator-driven fair’s apocalyptic theme. An installation on the school’s second floor — a trash-strewn hallway full of curious, careful details like a pizza box improbably suspended on a toppled table created by Real Quick for Fun and PPP, and curated by Sean Kinney and P.J. Monte — engaged Spring/Break’s end-times theme more literally than most.

An enormous collage diptych by Andreis Mikael Costa similarly took a scalpel to all kinds of nostalgic symbols and images. His piece “Terror Fractal” (2012) — curated Gori and Kelly — mixed icons from pop imagery with war-time photojournalism and propaganda to create an explosive and phenomenally complex homage to a culture bent on self-destruction.

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